Community Shared LED Solar Light

Community Building Group has installed dozen of solar energy kits for households in Centre West region of Burkina Faso

Most Rural areas where the projects are implemented have no access to energy.

How You Can Help

Hunger Relief

Support Community Building Group Give Water Give Life Program in West Africa. 


 Help local communities to tackle water scarcity problem, and provide them with water and solar energy technology 


The project allows local people to sustainability growth crops using renewable energy, provide clean and drinkable water, and provide solar light for education in remote rural areas


All our projects is community driven which involve them at the beginning to the end of the project. In addition, community beneficiaries own the enitre projects. They received training and empowerment to ensure the project sustainability

Our Mission

Help Promoting Sustainable Development by Supporting Access to Water and Energy for Combatting Poverty and Ensuring a Sustainable Livelihood. 

Access to Water

Install water infrastructures in remote rural areas: Build rainwater catchment basin. Install water filtration system for clean water, and small scale irrigation technology for village residents.

Access to Energy

Install Energy Infrastructure in remote rural areas: Install solar power pumping system for both water filtration and irrigation, and install solar energy system to provide power to school and households.


Upcoming Fundraising Event: December 12, 2019, MD

Solar Shelter

Use by all communities at night time

Solar light for school

Students studying under the new solar light system built for their school


Group pictures

Thank You to Our Partners & Sponsors

WorldWater & Solar Technologies

IDS Homes

Strategic Microgrid

FBF (Friends of Burkina)

Metropolitan Solar Inc.

Global Development & Innovative Services, LLC

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